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Denver, March 29

Invesco Field

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“Very informative and thought-provoking for alternate designs.”
- Tracy Baldwin, Cator Ruma & Associates

“Great program, really learned a lot.”- John Bollinger, Boulder Valley School District

“Interesting seminar, speaker was very knowledgeable.”- Nicole Link, Cator Ruma & Associates

Philadelphia, April 5

Lincoln Financial Field

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“Very to-the-point, clear, insightful details.”
- Barbara Kursa, Bala Consulting Engineers, Inc.

“Best technical seminar I have been to.”
- Francis Paretti, Hofmeister Engineering

“This seminar gave me a different viewpoint on reducing potential energy waste.”
- Lee Snyder, Snyder Hoffman Associates

“Excellent format and pace of information.”
- Andrew Kamnik, EwingCole

San Francisco, April 11

InterContinental Hotel San Francisco

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“Excellent- Section 2 especially!”
- Kevin Stillman, Capital Engineering Consultants, Inc.

“Nice job. I learned a lot and will consider using this on our next project.”
- Erik Tuzzio, HDR Architecture

“Excellent instructor, able to simplify a complicated subject.”
- Nathan Fleischer, Chevron Energy Solutions

“Our specialties are commissioning, TAB and troubleshooting. I learned a great deal useful to our work and most definitely in benefit to our clients.”
- Jorge Torres Coto, MBO, Inc.

St. Louis, May 24, 2011

Busch Stadium

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“Speaker was very knowledgeable on subject. Nice venue.”
- Jim LaBlance, BRiC Partnership

“Good job, very informative and interesting.”
- David Gockley, Murphy Company

“Straight-forward presentation, very helpful.”
- Rick McCain, CASCO

Calgary, Alberta, June 1, 2011

Calgary TELUS Convention Centre

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“Very well done, good information.”
- Don Blacklock, Dialog Commissioning

“Excellent presentation.”
- George Henderson, Stantec Consulting

“I'm glad I came. I learned a lot.”
- Darren St Hilaire, University of Alberta

“Excellent! Very knowledgeable speaker.”
- Robert Pyle, RH Pyle & Associates Ltd

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Seattle, February 9

Columbia Tower Club

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“I liked the approach of simplifying the approach. Other similar sessions have included using multiple differential pressure sensors, but I really liked the idea of using a single AP sensor, and using pressure independent stabilizer valves on additional branches to create smaller modules.”
-Matt Nielsen, McKinstry Co.

“Very informative, educational, i.e. based on experiences of speaker.”- Joe Valmonte, Enginuity Systems LLC

“It was great - learned some and reinforced some.”- Dan Burns, McKinstry Co.

Cincinnati, February 16

Great American Ball Park

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“Well organized and well presented. Thank you for the invite.”
- Tom Crompton, Fosdick & Hilmer

“This was a very interesting topic with a lot of applications.”
- John Graves, AM Kinney

“Speaker was very knowledgeable.”
- Greg Tkacz, HAWA Inc

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Vancouver, September 9

Simon Fraser University

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“Very informative, excellent seminar.”
- David Law, BC Hydro

“Very good seminar. Covered the essentials of pressure independent control.”
- Jean-Sebastian Tessier, Cobalt Engineering

“Good overall seminar, provided key info on balancing.”
- Kevin Hill, FWD Systems Design Ltd.

“Found it quite informative, glad to have attended.”
- Greg Lee, MMM Group Ltd.

New York, September 23

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

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“Excellent presentation - cleared up understanding of valve authority.”
-Joseph Trongone, LynStaar Engineering

“Very informative, will utilize advice.”- Dominick DePinto, ADS Engineers

“Seminar was helpful in understanding dynamics of hydronic system under varying loads.”- Ray Desai, AKF Engineers

“Speaker provided interesting design points, the lecture was informative, statements clear.”- Alexander Weiss, P.E.- Alexander Weiss

“Very Informative, thanks!”- Jyothi Rayaprolu, Cosentini Associates

Kansas City, October 5

Arrowhead Stadium

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“Good Information- Key 2 discussion challenging for beginner level of understanding.”
-Carrie Ballard, CRB Consulting Engineers

“Heightened the awareness of how difficult it is for design engineers to properly size piping, pumping and control valves for hydronic systems, and the effect of oversizing to accommodate field conditions and expandability.”- Dave Barber, VP, JE Dunn Construction Co.

“Very Educational and well planned.”- John Allen, Mechanical Engineer, Burns & McDonnell

Washington DC, October 27

The Ronald Reagan Building

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“The seminar was very informative and helpful with possible solutions to problems.”
- LeVance Ray, Century Engineering, Inc.

“Interesting, challenging and valuable information.”- Ehud Caspi, Encon Group, Inc.

“The information helps in understanding the challenge engineers and technicians face balancing systems.”- Henry Grimes Jr., Hensel Phelps Construction Co.

“Excellent seminar. A lot to digest. I want to read the book!”
- Dennis James, Honeywell

“Excellent program - thank you.”- James Kelleher, VP, Metro Test & Balance, Inc.

“Very current info, useful for future designs.”- William Stewart, RMF Engineering, Inc.

Phoenix, November 3

Chase Field

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“Great time spent, learned a lot.”
- David Painter, Gila River Healthcare Corp.

“Great presentation. Very good information, very good speaker.”- Dean Helma, Jacobs Engineering Group

“Mr. Andreasen is very knowledgeable on the subject.”- Ed Perez, Johnson Controls, Inc.

“Excellent! Thank You.”
- Peter Kunka, President, Kunka Engineering, Inc.

Los Angeles, November 16

LA Live Regal Cinemas

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“Very informative. Could use more time on each topic.”
- Ben Haim, Arup

“Overall a good presentation.”- Carlos Zaragoza, LA Unified School District

“2nd section most valuable, 3rd section useful for people with less experience.”- Mike Gallagher, VP, Western Allied Corp

“I learned a lot in this seminar and will use this on my campus.”
- Zebbs Pascua, Occidental College

Atlanta, December 1

Georgia Aquarium

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“Plenty of good information in a short period of time.”
- Darren Magley, CH2M Hill

“Excellent presentation on a complex topic.”- Richard Lawrence, Jacobs Engineering Group

“Really worthwhile and a pleasure listening to someone who knows their subject!”- Barry Bloom, University of Georgia

“Overall a good seminar. I would like to see more on the availability concept.”
- Paul Batra, Processes Unlimited Int.

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Dallas, April 6

Cowboys Stadium

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“Selecting the proper valve using valve authority / controllability is something more engineers should consider. Controlling system differential by choosing the valve with the lowest “valve authority” made a lot sense…”
-Jerry Steinbrecher, Fluid Balance International

“This information is immediately applicable to the work I’m doing. The presentation pointed out some issues that, as design engineers, we can pay more attention to."
- Jeremy Staab, Purdy-McQuire, Inc.

Boston, May 25

Gillette Stadium

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“Informative and impressive.”
- Jing Song, Arup

“Excellent - a lot of material covered in a short time.”
- Douglas Schmidt, Harvard University

“We’ll use this information. Need more info on sensor location.”
- Frederic Livingston, Vanderweil Engineers

Toronto, June 1

CN Tower

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“Very good seminar.”
- Slavko Zdravkovic, City of Toronto

“Well structured, informative. Would like more discussion.”
- Peter Willings, H.H. Angus & Associates

“Informative. Could use more calculation examples.”
- Mohamed Elsherif, Vanderwesten Rutherford Mantecon

Houston, June 23

Toyota Center

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“Excellent presentation. Pace of instruction just right!”
- Neill Anderson, MD Anderson Cancer Center

“Very informative.”
- Christian Landaverde, Smith Seckman Reid, Inc.

“Very useful information - will use in future design.”
- Damian Briseno, Wylie Consulting Engineers

“Very well done.”
- David Ellis, H.H. Angus & Associates

Chicago, June 29

Museum of Science + Industry

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“Very informative, an excellent resource.”
- Chris Reininger, Cannon Design

“Excellent information, applicable to current projects.”
- Jonathan Mesik, Holabird & Root

“Very informative and educational.”
- Rasik Parikh, Johnson-Downs Construction Company, Inc.

“Very informative. Speaker was very knowledgeable.”
- Matthew Butkus, Grumman/Butkus Associates

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